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While no one wants to pay any additional amount for insurance, the reality is that you do not want to be without coverage in the event of a mishap. Your goods are handled by professional companies each step of the way, but due to the dynamic nature of transportation, your goods will move or shift within the container it is being shipped on. While all of it should be packaged correctly, there are certain factors beyond our control which is why insurance coverage is always recommended.

Total Loss coverage is an option for self-packing customers. This policy covers the entire shipment as a whole and is accompanied by a self-packed inventory. The Declared Value will be one lump sum that will be equivalent to the “replacement value” of the shipment.

All Risk coverage is the best option when your shipment has been professionally packed. This policy covers each individual item and is accompanied by a mover packing list and a valued inventory. The Declared Value will be the sum of the replacement values for each item.

$0.00 Deductible
$250.00 Deductible
$500.00 Deductible

*All values will need to be stated as USD (United States Dollar)

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